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Project Overview

The Oaklands Crossing Project removed the level crossing by lowering the Seaford rail line under Morphett Road. The project included:

  • A new Oaklands station, including weather protection, security features and ramped access
  • A redeveloped Marino Rocks Greenway along the rail line and under Morphett Road
  • An additional 50 commuter car parks, distributed across Murray, Railway and Crozier terraces and Addison Road
  • New public plazas located north and south of the station incorporating paved areas, landscaping, bike lockers and public toilets
  • Generously wide pedestrian and cycle connections over Morphett Road for improved access to the station and to Marion Regional Centre and removing the need for the existing two pedestrian crossings over the rail line
  • A new pedestrian bridge at the eastern end of the station to provide access over the rail line and to the station
  • Removal of the Morphett Road pedestrian crossing next to the boom gates
  • New traffic lights at Dunrobin Road to improve motorist and bus access to Diagonal Road
  • Relocation of the Diagonal Road pedestrian crossing south to coordinate with the new traffic lights at the Dunrobin Road intersection
  • Landscaping along the length of the project area including over 200 new trees in addition to ground covers and bushes.


Project Timelapse's

October - December 2018 Timelapse

July - September 2018 Timelapse

Panorama - 19 February 2019

Panorama - 16 July 2018