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During construction projects, the community can experience a number of construction impacts including noise, vibration, dust, mud, light spill (from night works) and increased traffic.

The PTP Alliance takes these impacts seriously and every effort is made to minimise them. Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) are used to ensure any impacts are mitigated as far as reasonably practicable.

Noise and Vibration

The PTP Alliance uses a range of measures to mitigate noise and vibration impacts, including:

  • Providing advance notice of works to nearby stakeholders
  • Where possible, scheduling intrusive works during the day or early evening
  • Monitoring noise levels prior to, during and after construction
  • Using low level reversing squawkers
  • Where possible, using arterial roads to transport materials to and from the construction zone
  • Enclosing stationary equipment (generators) to reduce noise
  • Regularly testing equipment to ensure it is operating at a high standard
  • Using small or non-vibratory equipment when possible.

The PTP Alliance measures vibration levels to ensure compliance levels that are set by the Environment Protection Authority are adhered to. It is important to note that experiencing vibrations, does not mean that structural damage will occur to properties.

Dust and mud residue

Due to the nature of construction projects, dust generation and mud residue cannot be entirely eliminated. Dust is mostly generated from excavation, stockpiling, loading material into trucks, heavy vehicle movement on unsealed areas and wind erosion.

During wet weather, heavy site vehicle movement may result in increased mud residue left on local streets. We will minimise the dust and mud residue generated by the project by:

  • Implementing speed restrictions on unsealed surfaces
  • Resurfacing areas as soon as possible
  • Watering work areas and stock piles
  • Staging works to minimise exposed areas
  • Where possible, covering stock piles and transported materials
  • Installing grids and rubble at main site entry/exit points to help reduce excess material on tyres
  • Using street sweepers.

The PTP Alliance uses dust monitors throughout construction to ensure compliance levels are met.

Light spill

During night works, temporary lighting is needed to illuminate an area for the safety of the workers and the community. To minimise spill from light towers, we:

  • Keep the amount of light to the minimum required for safe access and construction activities
  • Where possible, direct light towers away from houses.