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Project Overview

The State Government allocated $33.5 million in funding to expand O-Bahn Park ‘n’ Rides.

The new Park 'n' Ride increased the number of car parking spaces from 458 to 815. The facility also includes nine Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) compliant car parks, six Kiss 'n' Go bays, 24 motorcycle and more than 30 bicycle parking spaces.

The aim of the project is to meet demand for the Park ‘n’ Ride and increase public transport usage.

To reduce the land required for building and to minimise impacts on existing vegetation, a new ground-level car park adjacent to Darley Road and a new single level car park (ground and first floor) over the existing car park accessed via Gameau Road is currently under construction.


Construction of the new Paradise Park 'n' Ride is underway, with project completion expected by the end of 2020, weather permitting.

Amenity and urban design

The project team considered a range of factors in designing the new Paradise Park 'n' Ride, including:

  • Maximising the number of new parking spaces
  • Minimising impacts on trees and vegetation
  • Maintaining safe and efficient bus operation
  • Responding to the local urban character and built form, and
  • Enhancing pedestrian and cycle access.

Tree-planting, landscaping and buffer zones will be provided around the new car parking to maintain the green amenity of the Park ‘n’ Ride and provide shade and fauna habitat.

Approximately 100 trees and additional shrubs and ground cover have been removed to construct the Park ‘n’ Ride facility.

No significant trees were required to be removed to build the new Park ‘n’ Ride facility.

Seven regulated trees have been removed and will be offset by the planting of 14 semi-established trees.

Enhancing amenity and habitat is also an important objective of the project. The project will not only replace vegetation but will also enhance amenity and habitat outcomes. For further information on this important aspect of the project and opportunities on how the community can get involved, download a copy of the projects Vegetation and Community Wildlife Project Fact Sheet.

On project completion, the garden bed landscape surrounding the new car parks will comprise of more than 8,000 individual plants, which equates to more than 3,200 square meters of new garden beds. These new garden beds will be irrigated.

Community engagement

Community engagement is an important part of the project during both design and construction phases. We are committed to providing regular communication on the project to keep you up to date with construction works that may affect you.

Early input was sought from the local community and stakeholders, which resulted in some design changes including improved access between Darley Road and Gameau Road and adjustment of the site layout to protect some significant trees.

The community will have further opportunity to work with the project team as part of the Community Wildlife Project.

The project provides an opportunity for local schools and community members to work with the Paradise Park ‘n ’Ride Project team to help enhance wildlife habitat in the local community.

The project team will continue to engage residents living near the Park ‘n’ Ride to update them on the construction staging.

Please check this webpage for future opportunities to get involved with the project.

Project News

Community Wildlife Project

To increase habitat in the local area and to offset the necessary removal of vegetation, the PTP Alliance will be implementing a Community Wildlife Project. If you are interested in being involved and learning more about how the project team will be working to increase and monitor local habitat, please register your interest to be involved.

The Community Wildlife Project will provide educational opportunities for local schools and community groups, residents and Paradise Interchange users via school workshops, community Wildlife Packs and resources - encouraging and equipping the community with information to enhance the health of their local ecosystems.

If you are interested in learning more about how the project team will be working to increase and monitor local habitat, please contact us either via email or by calling the project team on 1300 705 992.

Access for pedestrians and cyclists

This project provides the opportunity for easy and safe access for people walking and cycling to and through the interchange and to help reduce reliance on car use. New paths, directional signage and more secure bike parking will be constructed.

The new car parks located on either side of the bus access/egress from Gameau Road will be constructed simultaneously.

While access for bus services will not be affected by the works, pedestrian access between the Paradise Interchange and Gameau Road will only be available next to the southern (city) end of the work site during construction. Wayfinding signage will guide pedestrians and cyclists.

Car parking during construction also requires some temporary changes. While the Gameau Road car park will be closed for the duration of construction, most of the local off-street (including the Darley Road car park) and on-street parking will remain.

Project Construction

Construction works started with preparation works including vegetation removal, fencing of the site and underground service relocation works.

The newly aligned bus entry and exit are now in operation.

Formwork and reinforced steel is being installed on the car park deck in anticipation for major concrete pours.

In addition, the retaining wall of the new ground level car park is now almost complete, following the installation of 39 steel piles and pre-cast concrete panels.

Every effort will be made to minimise impacts to nearby residents, O-Bahn users, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users as much as possible during construction.

DPTI Matters - Chief Executive Tony Braxton-Smith

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