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Paradise Park 'n' Ride

The Paradise Park ‘n’ Ride currently has 458 ground-level car parking spaces to service commuters accessing the O-Bahn interchange.

The concept design proposes to increase the number of car parking spaces from 458 to 818 (including nine Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) compliant car parks), an increase of 360 car parking spaces. In addition, provision has been made for motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces. This number may be subject to change, as the detailed design process progresses.

The proposed solution to reduce the land required for building and to minimise impacts on existing vegetation is to build a new ground-level car park adjacent to Darley Road and a new single level car park over the existing parking accessed via Gameau Road

Paradise Park 'n' Ride - artist's impression


The Paradise Park 'n' Ride project is currently in the detailed design phase, with construction timelines to be confirmed following completion of the design and planning approvals process.

Community engagement

Community engagement is an important part of the project during both design and construction phases.

We are now seeking community feedback on the proposed design for the increased car and bike parking facilities.

We will be visiting residents living near the Park ‘n’ Ride to seek their feedback on the proposed design. We will also be holding community information sessions in the local area, providing opportunities to meet the project team and ask questions about the project.

Please check this webpage for dates and venues for any future information sessions or opportunities to get involved with the project.

Paradise Park 'n' Ride - Plan

Amenity and urban design

The project team has considered a range of factors in preparing this design, including:

  • Maximising the number of new parking spaces
  • Minimising impacts on trees and vegetation
  • Maintaining safe and efficient bus operation
  • Responding to the local urban character and built form
  • Enhancing pedestrian and cycle access

Tree-planting, landscaping and buffer zones will be provided around the new car parking to maintain the green amenity of the Park ‘n’ Ride and provide shade and fauna habitat.

Access for pedestrians and cyclists

This project provides the opportunity to provide easy and safe access for people walking and cycling to and through the interchange and to help reduce reliance on car use. New paths, directional signage and more secure bike parking will be included within the project.

Project construction

Every effort will be made to minimise impacts to nearby residents, O-Bahn users, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users as much as practicably possible during construction.

The planned construction method includes building the proposed new single level car park near Darley Road first. This new car park will be open and operational prior to construction of the new single level car park over the existing parking bays adjacent to Gameau Road, which will help to minimise the loss of existing parking during the construction process.

More information

This project forms part of the North East Public Transport Study (NEPTS) which is investigating improving public transport for the north eastern suburbs. It will consider how improved travel times, reliability, and access can be achieved for public transport customers in the north eastern suburbs including opportunities to enhance how the three existing interchanges at Paradise, Tea Tree Plaza and Klemzig function, and extending options to extend O-bahn services to Golden Grove.

To find out more about NEPTS, O-Bahn Park ‘n’ Rides or the Paradise Park ‘n’ Ride project and to register for future email updates, you can contact the project team using the details at the bottom of this page.

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