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Project overview

The Australian and South Australian governments have committed $25 million for the design and construction of the Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass Project.

The Public Transport Projects Alliance (PTP Alliance) will undertake the planning and design for this project on behalf of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

The Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass Project involves the construction of a Shared Use Path over the rail corridor at Goodwood to improve connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project Background

The Mike Turtur Bikeway extends from Glenelg to the Adelaide CBD along the Glenelg Tramline and is Adelaide’s busiest cycling route with an average daily traffic volume of approximately 1,200 cyclists. At the Goodwood Railway Station, users of the bikeway have to travel out of direction to cross the rail lines via the level crossing at Victoria Street, or by dismounting and walking through the narrow subway at Goodwood Railway Station.

Project Location

The Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass is located approximately 2km from the Adelaide CBD. The overpass crosses the ARTC, Belair and Seaford rail lines at Goodwood Railway Station.

Two bicycle routes pass through the location, the Mike Turtur Bikeway is an east-west route crossing the rail line running parallel to the tram corridor. The Marino Rocks Greenway runs north-south adjacent to the Seaford rail line. The two bicycle routes intersect on the western side of the rail lines within Forestville Reserve.


The PTP Alliance is currently undertaking detailed investigations, planning and design work, which are required before construction begins.

Engagement with key stakeholders and the community will form an important component across the life of the project. Community Information Session commenced in November 2021 and will be held throughout the project.

Planning and design development will continue until mid 2022.

Construction works will begin in early 2022, with completion expected in mid 2023, weather permitting.

Project timeline

Keeping the community informed

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