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Landscaping and activation of public space

Community feedback highlighted the importance of landscaping, community safety and creating high quality public space around and under the new bridge. We are working with local councils, SA Police, Kaurna Elders and local schools to discuss public activation, safety, revegetation and the incorporation of cultural heritage.

The project includes extensive new public space under and around the bridge. The following features are planned to be incorporated into these areas:

• a futsal court

• a half basketball court

• Kaurna cultural heritage artwork

• a nature play area

• public artwork

• landscaping and revegetation

• pedestrian and cycle paths.

For the latest design, please see the ‘Landscaping and urban design’ below.

Enhancing amenity

As part of this project, new landscaped areas will be created to offset the vegetation removed and enhance the amenity of the area. On project completion, the garden bed landscape surrounding the area will comprise more than 21,000 individual plants, which equates to more than 10,000 square metres of new irrigated garden beds. Further information, including landscaping plans and vegetation species, will be provided as the landscaping design progresses.

Selecting species

The landscaping designs will balance the use of indigenous and non-indigenous species and include semi-mature trees.