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City South Tram Line Replacement Project

The City South Tram Line Replacement project replaced the existing tracks along King William Street between Victoria Square (at the intersection of Gouger and Angas Streets) and South Terrace. The City South tram stop at the intersection of Sturt/Halifax Streets and King William Street was also replaced as part of the project. Some modifications to existing traffic arrangements and car parking were also required to accommodate the dedicated tram corridor.

New City South Tram tracks

The existing tram tracks between Victoria Square and South Terrace were constructed in the early 1980s and had reached the end of their useful life.

This section of track was the only remaining shared tram corridor in Adelaide's CBD and consequently experienced tram delays due to traffic congestion and right turning vehicles.

The project converted the shared corridor into a dedicated corridor for trams similar to elsewhere in the CBD. Providing a dedicated tram corridor improves the reliability of the tram network.

This section of track also had a high risk of vehicle-tram collisions and near misses. A dedicated tram corridor will significantly improve the safety of road users and tram patrons.

Works included the demolition and replacement of the existing tracks and concrete slab, adjustments to the existing tram overhead wiring system, poles, road resurfacing and line marking, tree pruning and new landscaping.

Modifications to existing traffic arrangements and car parking, along the project footprint, was also be required. These included a reduction in traffic lanes from three to two lanes in each direction along King William Street, rationalisation of vehicle right turns and modifications to some car parking along King William Street, including a reduction and conversion of some angled parking to parallel parking. Cycling facilities have been maintained along both sides of King William Street.

The details of these modifications were refined through the detailed design process and in consultation with the City of Adelaide and stakeholders.

New City South Tram Stop

The former City South Tram Stop was built in the 1980s and did not meet Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) requirements. The stop was upgraded as part of the project to improve safety, passenger comfort and accessibility for both northbound and southbound passengers.

Works included the demolition of the existing tram stop and construction of new platforms, shelter, signage and platform furniture. The platforms are accessible via upgraded pedestrian crossings.

Stakeholder engagement and business support

Input from local businesses and stakeholders has helped inform the design and construction methodology and timing. The way works were scheduled was heavily influenced by the input of local businesses. Both the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and the PTP Alliance would like to thank all businesses for the time they spent assisting the project team in developing the project methodology and schedule.