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Major concrete breaking works are now complete for the City South Tram Line Replacement

Wed, 10 July, 2019

Major concrete breaking works are complete for the City South Tram Line Replacement, enabling improved access to the stop for people with disabilities.

This is a major milestone for the project as it signals the end of one of the loudest and most difficult work activities. Eight 20-tonne rock breakers were used to break out the concrete around the dilapidated tracks to get the work completed as quickly as possible. Highly skilled operators were required to work these large machines in tight spaces around workers, other machinery and overhead wiring to undertake the work safely and efficiently. Approximately 720 tonnes of concrete will be removed from the site and taken to be used on other projects as recycled road base.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank residents, businesses, local workers and commuters for their patience during these loud works and for continuing to support local businesses. Over the next two weeks the project will focus on removing the rest of the broken concrete, steel fixing, laying the new track and pouring new concrete as the new line starts to take shape.