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Home without harm

On PTP Alliance projects, sending every person home without harm every day is a priority. This includes our staff, residents, local workers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Public safety

Public safety is important to the PTP Alliance on all its projects, particularly where construction works occur next to roads, cycle routes, paths and stations.

During the construction of projects, roads, local access, pedestrian and cyclist paths and crossings can change regularly. For all its projects, the PTP Alliance aims to reduce the number of changes and will put traffic controls and directional signage in place to help guide motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safely.

Community safety program

For all its projects, the PTP Alliance promotes how to stay safe around the work site, roads and rail during construction by:

  • Advising of any changes to access.
  • Collaborating with local schools on Walk Safely to School Day and with walking school buses.
  • Providing ‘Home without Harm’ safety briefings to schools and other community groups.
  • Working closely with event organisers including cycling and other events that attract additional visitors.
  • Promoting project safety improvements, including encouraging people to come and try the new facilities via open days.

If you would like to work with the PTP Alliance to promote safety at your community group or organisation, please contact us.