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Oaklands Crossing - Brighton Primary School STEM program

Wed, 26 June, 2019

The project is working with years 2 to 4 students through their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program. The project encourages students to look at problem solving with a hands-on approach.

We sought students’ ideas on how to manage and reuse the stormwater that is collected from the new underpass.

We advised the students that stormwater is pumped through a pump station, via drainage pipes, to a concrete culvert on Railway Terrace (to read about the pump station, click here).

From there, we asked the students to determine what they could use the water for, suitable filtration and how the reuse process could be managed in a sustainable way.

In mid-June, the students presented their early solutions to a panel of project team members, teachers and year 7 students. Some great ideas were presented, including using stormwater to irrigate new landscaping, creating a water playground, providing water for farmers experiencing drought issues and sharing water with local residents and businesses.

The panel provided feedback for the students to build on their ideas. There was some Q&A sessions over the following weeks with their final presentations in early July.