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Installation of the pump station

Fri, 08 March, 2019

The installation of the pump station was completed in the following key stages:

  • Installation of 12 vertical piles to support the pump station
  • Drilling of wells to pump out excess ground water
  • Excavation 5 metres below the rail track level to install a base of compacted gravel
  • Crane to lift into place the precast concrete structure and four pump chambers
  • Backfill of the ground around the pump station
  • Installation of valve pits and connection of surrounding drainage pipework.

Stormwater pumps via the drainage pipes to a new swale system, that was built next to Railway Terrace as part of the project. The swale is a shallow channel with sloped sides, to manage the stormwater runoff and filter pollutants.

The pump station sits seven metres under the stations shared pedestrian and cycle pathway, just east of the Morphett Road Bridge.

It is 15 metres in circumference, weighs 50 tonne and has an approximate 100,000 litre capacity.

It pumps at a speed of approximately 300 litres per second from pump to the swale system and reduces to 15 litres per second, to discharge into the stormwater network.