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Traffic switch success

Mon, 28 June, 2021

To keep traffic moving as freely as possible in the area while this project is delivered, three key traffic switches will be made. The first traffic switch was implemented on Monday, 28 June 2021 and will remain in place into the first quarter of 2022.

This first traffic switch requires temporary vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detours and changes to bus stop locations.

With these changes, you may notice more traffic along the alternative routes. The project will work with councils to monitor traffic volumes.

Temporary vehicle changes

  • Right turns from Churchill Road into Torrens Road have been temporarily removed.
  • Left turns from Torrens Road into Churchill Road have been temporarily removed.

Two right turn lanes from Churchill Road into Torrens Road, as well as one left turn lane from Torrens Road onto Churchill Road will be reinstated later in the project.

Temporary pedestrian changes

  • The pedestrian refuge across Churchill Road has been relocated north towards Avenue Road.
  • The pedestrian actuated crossing at the Torrens Road and Churchill Road junction has been relocated east near Gilbert Street.
  • The Torrens Road activated pedestrian crossing at Chief Street is closed until the end of the project.
  • The pedestrian rail crossing directly adjacent to Torrens Road on the northern side remains closed.
  • The pedestrian rail crossings on the southern side of Torrens Road, and at the northern end of Ovingham Railway Station, remain open.

Temporary public transport changes

Bus stops have been temporarily moved to safe locations away from construction areas.

  • Stop 8 Churchill Road: (west side) has been relocated approximately 100 metres to the north, near Avenue Road.
  • Stop 8 Torrens Road: (south-west side) has been relocated approximately 100 metres to the west, near the rail line.

For more information on the traffic switch, view the links below.