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Time capsules

Fri, 18 November, 2022

During September and October 2022, the PTP Alliance worked with the Community Liaison Group, local residents and businesses, City of Charles Sturt and City of Prospect, to gather material to include in two time capsules, to be buried in the project area.

On Friday, 7 October 2022, the time capsules were placed underground, near the new Torrens Road bridge.

Materials within the time capsules include newspapers from the day of install, top 10 hit songs, prices of common items (i.e. petrol, milk, bread), house rental and selling prices, project timeline, construction photography, a mini sculpture created by one of the artists who commissioned artwork for the project, stories from local residents, business food menus, social media snippets and plenty more!

The time capsules will be excavated and opened in 20 years by the respective councils.

Thank you to all the Community Liaison Group and local residents and businesses who contributed material to the time capsules.