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Oaklands Crossing - Road upgrade works

Thu, 13 June, 2019

The project has crews working during day and nights shifts to upgrade the Morphett, Diagonal and Dunrobin roads intersections.

Crews are working outside peak traffic hours to undertake major road upgrade works on Morphett and Diagonal roads. Key works to construct the new intersection include traffic signal installation, pavement widening, stormwater management, kerbing and line marking.

The Diagonal and Dunrobin roads intersection is also progressing, with the main traffic signals now installed. The existing pedestrian crossing north of the new intersection will be removed and a pedestrian crossing provided at the new traffic signals. These traffic signals are planned to be operation from mid-July.

Once major road upgrade works are complete, there will be:

  • Two new right-hand lanes to continue north along Morphett Road
  • Traffic signals at the Dunrobin and Diagonal roads intersection
  • An activated pedestrian Morphett Road crossing, adjacent Coles Warradale (upgraded from a pedestrian refuge)
  • Wide footpaths on the eastern and western sides of the Morphett Road bridge.