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Reusing vegetation

Tue, 08 June, 2021

The Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project has been carefully designed and staged to minimise impacts on vegetation, as much as practically possible.

This included undertaking vegetation surveys during the early investigation stage to inform the design and construction, to avoid impacts to vegetation, where possible, and engaging a fauna specialist, and arborist to carefully supervise the required vegetation removals.

While every effort was made to avoid impacts, vegetation removals were required as part of the project to safely construct the bridge, realign Torrens Road over the railway corridor and create cycling and pedestrian paths. Vegetation specialists Austral Tree Solutions undertook the removals and assisted with the recovery of a large portion of the vegetation for future reuse.

Extensive planning was carried out to maximise how the removed vegetation could be reused in a way that benefited the community. Removed vegetation has since been used in a number of different ways:

  • Fallen limbs have been cut to suitable sizes, to be reused in the local area for landscaping, nature play and public artwork.
  • Limbs and branches have also been donated to four local schools, childcare centres and the City of Prospect for use as nature play logs, stepping rounds, landscaping edging, homes for bugs and cubby house building.
  • Adelaide Zoo and local wildlife organisations were also provided with gum leaves for Koalas, as well as branches and logs for animal play.

More information about the re-use of vegetation will be shared in the coming months. View the Vegetation Fact Sheet here.