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Recycled glass in road base

Wed, 22 June, 2022

The PTP Alliance has been using a rubble material, which includes 10% Recycled Crushed Glass, as a subbase layer for road construction on the Ovingham Level Crossing Removal project. This process makes use of contaminated glass, or glass that is too small to be recycled, back into glass products that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Following collaboration between the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, ResourceCo, City of Charles Sturt, City of Prospect and the PTP Alliance, approval to use 10% Recycled Crushed Glass as a subbase layer of the road design was received in April 2022. The first trial section was installed in early May 2022.

The material is also planned to be used in the construction of road pavements for Exeter Terrace and Devonport Terrace – two local roads located under the new Torrens Road bridge.

To date 185 tonnes of this material has been installed, diverting 18.5 tonnes of waste glass from landfill.

The PTP Alliance is proud to promote the use of recycled materials in South Australian roads.