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Piling works commence

Thu, 17 June, 2021

Piling works for the main structure of the Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride have now commenced and will continue until the end of June 2021, weather permitting.

A total of 117 piles will be installed across the project with piles varying between three and seven metres deep. The piles are being installed in two different diameters, with the majority of the piles being 1200mm in diameter and the remaining piles 900mm in diameter.

What is piling?

Piling is the construction of columns in the ground that provide vertical support to a structure, by transferring structural loads into stable soil or rock. Piles are installed vertically into the ground and for this project are made from concrete with steel reinforcement.

A pile is formed by drilling a shaft into the ground with an auger (a drill resembling a large corkscrew) that is attached to a piling rig. Once the pile has been bored, a large steel reinforcement cage is placed into the pile. Following this, concrete is poured into the pile.

Once the concrete is set, pile cropping is then undertaken by breaking away the top section of concrete down to the desired level. This leaves the reinforced steel cages embedded in the pile exposed to make an effective bond for the pile cap, which is a mass concrete footing that sits on top of the pile and transfers loads from the structural elements above to the piles.

Once all the piles are completed the team will prepare for the pouring of the ground floor slab that will sit on top.