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Piling works

Mon, 09 August, 2021

Piling works for the Torrens Road bridge are now complete.

A total of 89 piles are required for the Torrens Road bridge, ramps and retaining walls, with 40 on the eastern side of the railway line and 49 on the western side of the railway line. By mid-July, 49 piles were drilled.

Piling is the construction of columns in the ground that provide vertical support to a structure, by transferring structural loads into stable soil or rock. Piles are installed vertically into the ground.

The primary method of piling used for this project is Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling. CFA piling is an efficient method that is one of the least intrusive forms of piling. This means that construction impacts are reduced for the local community.

The depth of piles ranges from 15 to 24 metres into the ground, requiring the excavation of approximately 1180 tonnes of earth material for the 89 piles.

The ground conditions consist of hard clay on the western side of the railway line, and sandy clay on the eastern side of the railway line.

For more information on the piling works, view the link below.