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Paradise Park 'n' Ride

Fri, 27 March, 2020

Major works commenced at Paradise Park 'n' Ride in early January 2020 and as of Sunday 22 March 2020, the project has achieved the following;

  • approximately 8,545 tonne of soil has been moved from site,
  • approximately 245m3 of concrete poured,
  • 35 columns and one staircase for a new carpark deck constructed with concrete poured on site, and
  • approximately 274m of stormwater system has been installed.

Recently the project reached an important milestone, with the new busway exit onto Gameau Road opening. With buses now using both directions of the realigned entrance/exit the project can continue to progress construction of the new parking spaces.

Once complete, the project will add 360 car park spaces, with the total number of car parks at the Paradise Park ‘n’ Ride increasing to 818, In addition, provision has been made for 20 motorcycle and 32 bicycle parking spaces, helping to meet demand for commuter parking at this popular interchange.