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Girder fabrication at Bowhill Engineering

Thu, 16 September, 2021

Girders for the Torrens Road bridge are being fabricated in South Australia at Bowhill Engineering. The PTP Alliance is excited to be working with and supporting local business.

There are 16 girder segments in total being fabricated at Bowhill Engineering. Girders are named based on the positions they will be assembled in, ranging from 1 to 4 and A to D (i.e. 3D Girder, 1A Girder etc.). When assembled in position, the girders will support the bridge deck.

Bowhill Engineering uses steel sourced from BlueScope and Infrabuild to construct the girders. The girders weigh between 35 to 102 tonnes each, and the 16 girder segments weigh approximately 1330 tonnes in total.

The girders will be delivered in pairs over the coming months.

Assembly of the Torrens Road bridge

The Torrens Road bridge will be constructed in its final position on the northern side of Torrens Road, in the project construction area, outside of the road corridor, minimising impacts on traffic.

For more information on the Torrens Road bridge, view the Fact Sheet.

Additional information:

In early 2021, the PTP Alliance established an Industry Participation Committee with representatives from the Office of Industry Advocate, Civil Contractors Federation SA and the PTP Alliance. The forum is used to identify opportunities for market upskilling, monitor progress against the industry participation commitments and consider ways to further promote local industry participation.

A great example of this commitment is shown through the engagement of Bowhill Engineering, a family-owned South Australian business that has been operating since the early 1970s.