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Free standing stair core Installation

Mon, 20 September, 2021

The three level (ground floor plus two upper levels) Golden Grove Park 'n' Ride structure includes five stairwells to enable access to each side of the Park 'n' Ride.

Installation of the stair cores commenced in early August 2021 and took shape very quickly. The cores are made up of structural steel and precast concrete panels that are both fabricated off site by South Australian companies, Lincoln Engineers and Ramco Precast. The stair cores have precast concrete panels on three sides to enable the final stairwell to operate as a fire escape. The fourth side (the external side) will be made up of perforated aluminum to allow for natural ventilation and air flow, as well as a line of sight into and out of the stairwell which is important for user’s safety.

All five stair cores were installed by mid-September.