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First Nations Cultural Artefacts workshop

Thu, 07 July, 2022

The PTP Alliance is running a Kaurna Education Program with local educators and schools to share knowledge and engage students.

As part of this program, Kaurna educator Tjimari Sanderson-Milera ran cultural artefact workshops with the Reception and Year One students at Brompton Primary School. Tjimari is the founder of a local First Nations business, Kumarninthi, which provides cultural training and education to schools throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

The cultural artefact workshop was filled with engaging traditional objects – including boomerangs, woven baskets, ochre powder, kangaroo rugs and various carved wooden vessels used for gathering food and holding babies. These objects were passed around amongst the students, who had opportunities to ask questions, whilst broadening their understanding of First Nations Australians.

Our Kaurna Education Program will continue for the next several months, with schools near the project site.

The PTP Alliance appreciates the opportunity to get involved with the local community. If you are a local school or eager to get involved in the project, please contact the project’s Community Engagement Team via emailing or calling 1300 613 533.