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Creation Story sessions at early learning centres

Thu, 15 September, 2022

Since the design stage of the Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project we have been working with the Kaurna Yerta Aboriginal Committee and the project Kaurna Reference Group. A key initiative from this collaboration has been local Kaurna Dreaming story being incorporated into the architectural elements of the bridge and its surroundings, including public art, nature play and plaza areas.

The First Nations education program has been established by the PTP Alliance to connect local schools with First Nations educators, to learn about their culture.

As part of the First Nations education program, Tjimari Sanderson-Milera and Iteka Sanderson-Bromley have been running cultural education sessions at the Renown Park Children’s Centre and the Brompton Children’s Centre.

Tjimari is a Kokatha, Narungga, Kaurna and Adnyamathanha man and Iteka is a Narungga, Adnyamathanha and Yarluyandi woman.

In August 2022, Tjimari attended the two centres to run Creation Story sessions. In the sessions, Tjimari told the young children how the land was created, along with the animals, oceans and mountains.

The young children loved hearing how Urdlu, the big red kangaroo, and Mantya, the small brown rock wallaby, worked together to find food to stay alive during the dry season.

At the end of the story, Tjimari explained the values he learnt from the Creation Story, including being truthful and kind to the people around you, to share and be prepared for when things do not go as planned!

Tjimari then asked the children their thoughts about the morals and values in the story. The children were excited answering the questions and felt connected with the story. The children spoke about how they have seen kangaroos, wallabies, waterfalls, trees and hills.

Tjimari received a big thank you from the children and the teachers at the session. It was a wonderful morning full of light and energy from the young children.

The PTP Alliance loves getting involved with the local community, so if you are a local school or eager to get involved in the project, please contact the community engagement team via emailing or calling 1300 613 533.