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Construction of the station canopy

Fri, 18 January, 2019

In order to install the roof, large steel columns and beams are lowered in place by a crane and in segments, along the length of each platform area. Canopy steelwork was installed, followed by the roof and ceiling installation.

The station canopy was constructed off-site by SA family business Bowhill Engineering, who also constructed the newly installed shared pedestrian and cyclist bridge.

The entire structure is 17 metres in width, the eastern canopy sitting 87 metres long and the western canopy 66 metres long, providing an overall 75% coverage of the station. The canopy weighs a total of 200 tonnes, compromising of: steel columns and roofing, polycarbonate skylight zones and a timber cladded ceiling.

The canopy sits 7.5 metres above the rail line and 3.5 metres above the platform, with deliberate openings to allow natural light to enter the station, and provide visibility for security.