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Art competition

Fri, 07 January, 2022

In November 2021, the PTP Alliance ran a corflute art competition with local primary school, Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Each year level was responsible for painting one of six corflute hearts to reflect the school’s values of Hope, Love, Justice, Inclusivity, and Connectedness.

You can view the six big, heart-shaped artwork pieces that are displayed along the site compound fence on Drayton Street, Bowden.

When all the hearts were displayed, the PTP Alliance had the difficult task of selecting a winner. After much deliberation, the heart depicting the value “Love” was chosen. This heart was painted by the Reception 1T students. Their teacher wrote about the process and experience, saying:

“R1T was so excited about the opportunity to paint the heart. The class came together to brainstorm symbols that represent what love means to them. Students all took turns to paint the heart, each working on different symbols they came up with. They were so excited about the outcome of their heart and loved seeing it up on display on the fence.”

After finding out they had won the competition, the Reception 1T students went on an excursion to view their art on display. As prizes, the winning students then received certificates, a class voucher for hot chips and rainbow cupcakes from a local business.

The students enjoyed the activity so much that we are discussing the possibility of an another corflute art activity in 2022.

If you live in the local area, we recommend walking or driving past the site compound fence to view the creative and colourful art pieces the students have created.

If you are a school in the local area and would like to contribute to the corflute art or be part of a similar competition, please call 1300 613 533 or email to discuss.