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Arrival of 750-tonne crane

Fri, 19 November, 2021

As part of the Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project, a 750-tonne crane was transported to site on Monday, 15 November 2021. The crane will be used to position 16 bridge girder segments, weighing between 35 and 102 tonnes each, to support the Torrens Road bridge deck.

The 750-tonne crane will be assembled on site. This will take five days and requires the use of a 400-tonne crane to lift sections of the 750-tonne crane boom into place. While on site, both cranes will sit on specially designed crane pads, to ensure they are properly stabilised during operation.

The set-up of the 750-tonne crane is a key milestone for the project and represents a great deal of preparation and hard work behind the scenes. If you are in the local area, please take a moment to enjoy this impressive piece of engineering at work. The best viewing positions will be along the southern footpath of Torrens Road, nearby Drayton Street, Bowden.

For more information on construction of the bridge, view the Torrens Road Bridge Fact Sheet on the website here.

750-tonne crane

750-tonne crane