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North Western Planning Study

The State Government will develop a North Western Planning Study to consider and improve public transport needs and delivery in the Port Adelaide area.

As part of the Study, a review of the scope of the Port Dock Railway Line and Station Project will be undertaken to consider broader benefits to the growing Port Adelaide precinct and surrounding suburbs.

Following detailed planning work, it has been revealed that the Port Dock project would cost $40 million to deliver, not the $16 million initial cost estimate prior to detailed planning works.

The initial $16 million of funding was committed without a full technical site assessment and concept design. Progressing through these has identified potential opportunities to further improve public transport services and connectivity for Port Adelaide and more broadly, the north western suburbs. Progression to major works has paused, pending the findings of the study.

The Public Transport Projects Alliance has been engaged to undertake the North Western Planning Study with the results informing the best use of funds to invest in improving public transport and urban renewal opportunities for residents, businesses and the broader community.

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